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The Ms Brown M & M’s Ad – My Favourite Super Bowl Advert 2012

A Navy Mac

Pavement Etiquette

The pavements of London are become an increasingly frustrating place, and I hereby declare I will not be submissive any longer.

I will no longer stop if you are in my path, if I walk into you it is your fault as much as mine.

For the third time this week I have been tutted for getting in someone’s way, the cheek of it. Those people were also in my way as well and I cowered to a stop to let them pass. Well no longer, from this day forth I shall never* cower or give way to other pedestrians. I am not partial to being bumped and pushed around on the pavement and get very annoyed at being tutted at. So tut you too.

Also on a side point if you are under 5’7” please do not use an umbrella near me. Short people have an amazing ability to use umbrellas as blinkers. This without fail results in me getting poked in the face or neck with a spoke. I am more than happy to shelter your hobbity world with my umbrella, as long as you don’t poke me with yours.

Don’t even get me started on wheel bags!!!!!!


*I will obviously give way to the elderly, pregnant women and children/buggies, and more than likely hot women, but everybody else NEVER.

Correct Diagnosis – Pachyder What

The next installment of my medical history

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