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My friends keep on running away

Today was the day for a goodbye. It is the second time this year I have said goodbye to an amazing friend who was embarking on a new adventure away from me, in a land far far away.

At the start of February an awesome person left to take her career to New York – I am still unbelievably jealous of her. She has moved to New York to work for a big shot advertising agency and is having an amazing time. She is an awesome friend, it’s the type of friendship where months would go by without seeing each other but as soon as we were together it was like we spend every day together. I have to admit that now she has gone I miss her more than when she was here, but I am a goon like that. I am heading out to see her and her new life in June and I can’t wait.

So back to today I Had lunch with a friend I made at university, we lived together for 3 years, first in the same halls, the next in the same corridor and then next door bedrooms in the same house. Now this is a mean feat for anybody, choosing to live with me for 3 consecutive years, he must be a sandwich short of a picnic. Well he isn’t, he is a hero. This chap is heading off to Sweden with his girlfriend, she has taken a job with H & M, and she is pretty wicked as well. We share some amazing memories together, and I sure we will share many more but it is going to be strange not having him on call for a trip to the pub. I think I’m going to have to find a temporary friend to fill the gap in my life, I mean can one really live without a ginger haired friend????

Both friends have known me through a pretty crazy time in my life and have been the exactly what I needed/need. They are serious when I need them to be, when I need someone to talk to and get stuff off my chest and they are amazingly fun when I need a distraction, filling my life with laughs and love.

So here is to both of you I hope you enjoy the new lives for however long you are away from me, but I’ll waiting for you when you get back. Oh and I am going to try and visit as much as possible, so be warned.

But to my friends still in the UK, having had one leave in February and now one in April, this will not become a bi-monthly thing; I am putting a stop to it for 2012 at least.

The investigation goes…. well nowhere – Pachyder What

This one is the time when I got to see under my own skin

When I grow up I want to be……

Well I wanted to be a footballer, then when I realised I was rubbish, I wanted to be a football kit designer but I couldn’t draw, in fact I still can’t. There was (is) a theme to my childhood (life). I like football.By the time I had to make a real choice, you know the one that shapes your life, your university course, I didn’t have a clue. Oh and FYI it really doesn’t impact one jot on your career. After a bit of faffing around, I left university and had a degree and everything, i now don’t use that whatsoever, but there was a lot of fun on the way.

I only worked out what I wanted to do at the ripe old age of 21, late for some or early for others. I did work experience at a large PR company in a summer break and loved it. That was that I wanted to work in Public Relations and guess what I am. I can do that you see I’m like a magician I make shizzle go down. If you want something or want to do something you can make it happen.*

It is never a bad thing to have goals, it’s actually pretty cool. It feels good when you reach them and even better if you beat people of the way.

So reach for the stars biatchz

*DISCLAIMER always make things happen by legal means the fuzz will get you*

Ps. I sometimes use words that are from gansta rap in a non-ironic way. Peace out

I’m a Mutant – Pachyder What

The mutant gene has been found

My mum is the hostess with the mostest

As you would expect I love my mother, shock horror. She is amazing and has been a brilliant mother to me and my brother and sister, but the best thing about my mum is how welcoming she is. Not only has she welcomed my now siblings in law but she treats all of our friends as her own. This has lead to all three of us children being able to have friends over as much as we wanted and hosting some brilliant parties, normally catered by her as well, she is pretty good at that too.

But what I am trying to say is that I love my mum for all the normal reasons but also because she has made my friends feel like family.


My First Two Surgeries – Pachyder What

The bit where I start to get cut open

Hello again, my bad.

I have been a horrendously busy bee over the past few weeks, and I have neglected you and can only apologise. I have been at birthday parties and gallery openings, fashion shows and journalist drinks. This has meant being ridiculously tired while work is hitting new heights. I will write something this week, hopefully 3 things, things are always best in 3s. But in the mean time the sun is shining, United are top of the league and I can’t get this song out of my head – so the world is GOOD.

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