My friends keep on running away

Today was the day for a goodbye. It is the second time this year I have said goodbye to an amazing friend who was embarking on a new adventure away from me, in a land far far away.

At the start of February an awesome person left to take her career to New York – I am still unbelievably jealous of her. She has moved to New York to work for a big shot advertising agency and is having an amazing time. She is an awesome friend, it’s the type of friendship where months would go by without seeing each other but as soon as we were together it was like we spend every day together. I have to admit that now she has gone I miss her more than when she was here, but I am a goon like that. I am heading out to see her and her new life in June and I can’t wait.

So back to today I Had lunch with a friend I made at university, we lived together for 3 years, first in the same halls, the next in the same corridor and then next door bedrooms in the same house. Now this is a mean feat for anybody, choosing to live with me for 3 consecutive years, he must be a sandwich short of a picnic. Well he isn’t, he is a hero. This chap is heading off to Sweden with his girlfriend, she has taken a job with H & M, and she is pretty wicked as well. We share some amazing memories together, and I sure we will share many more but it is going to be strange not having him on call for a trip to the pub. I think I’m going to have to find a temporary friend to fill the gap in my life, I mean can one really live without a ginger haired friend????

Both friends have known me through a pretty crazy time in my life and have been the exactly what I needed/need. They are serious when I need them to be, when I need someone to talk to and get stuff off my chest and they are amazingly fun when I need a distraction, filling my life with laughs and love.

So here is to both of you I hope you enjoy the new lives for however long you are away from me, but I’ll waiting for you when you get back. Oh and I am going to try and visit as much as possible, so be warned.

But to my friends still in the UK, having had one leave in February and now one in April, this will not become a bi-monthly thing; I am putting a stop to it for 2012 at least.

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