Quarter One Resolution Review

Well it first quarter of 2012 has ended and I think it’s time I have a look back at my resolutions had see where I have failed or where I have been amazing.

My first resolution was this blog and I think I am doing quite well, it feels very natural writing stuff down.

Coding – Well I have only just caught up with code academy, doing 3 months of work in a day is not the point of them sending out a lesson a week but I am now up to date, so I hope by the end of the year I will be running Google.

Being financially responsible – NEXT

Ah the healthy bits – I am using the gym more and running more but not enough, I am never going to do run the marathon or cycle the Tour de France at this rate. While the smoking has continued I did stop for like a whole two weeks so I proved I can and I think that is enough for now.

3/5 Doing well at the aspects he enjoys and not even trying with the resolutions he doesn’t like.

If this was a school report I imagine it would say that, I think all my school reports said that.


FYI the next quarter is looking like it could be awesome! So is the rest of the year!!!

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