Spectacularly Spexy

Quick quick, come here I have a secret to tell you.

Opticians are a rip off.

No really they are.

I now fall into the crew of spectacular spec wearers. So having had my eye test for £5 instead of £25, I set about finding some glasses and using the internet as my slutty slave I found the frames I desired.

Look here they are:


Off I trotted to David Clulow to makes sure I looked spexy, and as you would expect of course I did. Now here is the reveal. The nice chap in said opticians priced up my lens and the frames and came to a nice round total of £320 = YOU WHAT???

This wasn’t going to happen. I return home to trawl the internet for cheaper glasses, when I happened upon eyewearbrands.com. Not only did they stock the frames I wanted, but lens were free. I was on cloud nine, and endeavoured to get two pairs for a total price of £178. After a couple of clicks and a bit of gobbledegook I had saved £142 and got a second pair, in your face Dave. But in all seriousness get with it opticians, you will go the same way as Music stores/Woolworths/the high street.

Oh dear Mr Clulow and your pal Trevor Specsaver seem to be on the way out.

Ps they might be Gay Fan rather than Ray Ban

Here is the black pair on my face, my niece Sophie seems to like them too. 


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