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I seem to have broken myself

Well it all started a couple of months back. I suddenly had a weird lump on my foot; it was fairly awkward and slightly painful. After showing my rheumatologist in an unrelated appointment he scheduled an ultra sound, but there was a six week wait.

I am normally pretty good, but this was making it impossible for me to wear shoes and was pretty uncomfortable. The most important part was the fact I had to wear trainers with a suit! As one can imagine this couldn’t continue so I trotted off to see a private doctor and get it sorted.

My appointment was very simple and I had x-rays and MRIs that day to find out what it was. It’s not cartilage or bone, which was nice. It’s a ganglion, which is all pretty casual, apart from the fact mine in on a tendon and therefore will have to be cut out, which means another session on the opiates.

I have had to wait a month between the diagnosis and the surgery and this has resulted in me falling apart. To quickly sum up, my tendon is strained and hurts when I walk. Through limping I have mangled my ankle, which has made me limp more and as a result I know have manage to strain something in my knee, on the other leg.

YEP, high fives all around for super walking skills. I’m going to put it on my CV.

I go under the knife on the Thursday (23rd) and hopefully it will sort me out, if not I am likely to be found in a heap of mangled parts waiting for a full M.O.T. Take this post as a pre-warning that I will be fairly active on here, due to massive boredom.

Move Like Chandler

Ahhh the memories


I love me some stationary, mainly because sometimes its cool to leave the computer out of it and let the relationship be between you, the ink and the page.

DMX – X Gonna Give it to Ya

Sometimes you just need to get OG

Coffee Table Books

Books with big pictures and few words are my favourite

Shoe Porn

Mainly because I have a bit of a problem

Airplay Speakers

Because I can’t survive without my iPhone in my hand

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