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A Game in the Gutter

The tagline “a beautiful game” has finally become obsolete. During the past year there has been multiple cases where the on-field language used by those involved in the game has resulted in the game being brought into disrepute.

When was the last time the game wasn’t in disrepute?

The latest in the long line of accusations is that a match official used racially derogatory language towards a footballer. This seemingly can be sorted very quickly, the referee is miced up and three other officials have a live in-ear feed of what he is saying. It is a case of interviewing the other officials and finding the truth.

However, this is undoubtedly, again, going to fall into another us vs. them case. The fact that the microphone feeds of all four officials is not recording is beyond belief. It would allow for much greater accountability to the Referees’ organisation (PGMO) when reviewing matches, and would be able to used as evidence against players who are reprimanded for foul or abusive language, and in this case as evidence of the official’s language.

In rugby union the referee’s mic is broadcasted at the ground, and on television. This has not only reduced the amount of foul language from players but resulted in a greater understanding of the refereeing process. Why this step has not been taken by football is a question many have asked. But association football is a sport which, after a fourth official used a pitchside television to see an incident missed by the referee and then relayed the details to referee, removed the television instead of making this common place. The game? The World Cup Final. The foul? Zidane’s head butt.

Technology will never be embraced by the powers in football. They believe it creates disparity between the professional game and the accessible kick about in the park. The difference lies in the millions of pounds that are associated with one and not the other, not technology. Gone are the days of football being an accessible world for its fans, adding technology will make no difference.

I have two possible remedies. Firstly, I suggest the FA follow the example of rugby union and broadcast, or at least record the officials’ mic transmissions. If FIFA, suggest this is not within the rules, ignore them. Realistically they will never bring sanctions against the Premier League and its global viewing, and if the sanctions are against the national team, it would only remove the chances of another underwhelming performance at an international tournament. Failing that, my second suggestion is to cellotape everyone’s mouth shut.


The current No.1 App on my iPhone

This is my new best app ever, I might be exaggerating a little bit but it is pretty good. It is only available on iOS at the time of writing, but android is said to be coming soon.


It not only incentivises you to exercise, it also rewards you for doing so. So far I have been a member for two weeks, done 7 workouts and earned $3.5. Ok it’s not megabucks, but if I keep this up in a year I will have paid for at least one month’s gym membership, not bad. If I don’t keep it up I will be $10 poorer for every week I miss.


The concept is easy and works well. You make a pact to workout X amount of times a week, and if you fail to do that you forfeit $X from your bank account. If you are good and complete your pact you get a reward, the reward comes from a pot of all the users that didn’t complete their pact. The app GPS locates you to a gym when you check in and you must workout for a minimum of 30 minutes, and  it works in conjunction with RunKeeper if you prefer to run on the roads, and again you must clock a minimum of 30 minutes.

There are definitely some hiccups though. Firstly the app didn’t recognise my first week’s activities but, that was very easy to sort, with a quick email. The second problem, is the check-in at a gym system needs GPS, so if you gym is underground it cuts out. Not helpful, but the gym pact team tried to correct my information pretty quickly, it’s all gone a bit wrong unfortunately but I’m sure it will be sorted.


Yes, I know you savvy people have realised you could check in at the gym and spend 30 minutes sat in the cafe, but as you have to do a minimum of 2 workouts a week and that will earn you a reward of approximately $2. So, if you value your time at $2 per hour or £1.25 per hour in real money, go for it, but I hope you think more of yourself.

All in all, it is great. The premise is great, the motivation it creates is awesome and I hope in time the app will work perfectly.


I can see answers, well maybe

After years of anguish and pure incompetence there is finally some answers in sight, well maybe.


Getting it right won’t change the world but getting it wrong doesn’t half annoy me.

You are a world famous advertising agency, with one of the most notorious advertising campaigns in recent history, think comparison website and an Eastern European meerkat.

You get a brief from a low cost airline to make their first TV advertising campaign. The campaign is to highlight it’s pan-European service. Therefore in the second advert of the campaign, I would suggest not choosing a soundtrack that has lyrics referencing a holiday in a country that is not in Europe and a country that said budget airline do not fly to.

Applause please. We here by welcome VCCP and Europe by Easyjet into the Hall of Shame.


I want to run and run and run

I have started to hit gym, and roads, again after my operation.

What is the goal?

The goal is to run a marathon.


Well there is a long list of reasons, but the main one is that I never thought I would be able to, because of the state of my joints.


I’m not mental; I’m giving myself 2 years. I would love to be able to say I’ll do one next year, but I need to make sure I will be able to walk afterwards and that means test my knees and ankles for a long sustained period.

Why am I writing this up?

This is my pact with you. If by 16th October 2014 I have not signed up to run a marathon, you can kick me in the shins and flick my ears.


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