The current No.1 App on my iPhone

This is my new best app ever, I might be exaggerating a little bit but it is pretty good. It is only available on iOS at the time of writing, but android is said to be coming soon.


It not only incentivises you to exercise, it also rewards you for doing so. So far I have been a member for two weeks, done 7 workouts and earned $3.5. Ok it’s not megabucks, but if I keep this up in a year I will have paid for at least one month’s gym membership, not bad. If I don’t keep it up I will be $10 poorer for every week I miss.


The concept is easy and works well. You make a pact to workout X amount of times a week, and if you fail to do that you forfeit $X from your bank account. If you are good and complete your pact you get a reward, the reward comes from a pot of all the users that didn’t complete their pact. The app GPS locates you to a gym when you check in and you must workout for a minimum of 30 minutes, and  it works in conjunction with RunKeeper if you prefer to run on the roads, and again you must clock a minimum of 30 minutes.

There are definitely some hiccups though. Firstly the app didn’t recognise my first week’s activities but, that was very easy to sort, with a quick email. The second problem, is the check-in at a gym system needs GPS, so if you gym is underground it cuts out. Not helpful, but the gym pact team tried to correct my information pretty quickly, it’s all gone a bit wrong unfortunately but I’m sure it will be sorted.


Yes, I know you savvy people have realised you could check in at the gym and spend 30 minutes sat in the cafe, but as you have to do a minimum of 2 workouts a week and that will earn you a reward of approximately $2. So, if you value your time at $2 per hour or £1.25 per hour in real money, go for it, but I hope you think more of yourself.

All in all, it is great. The premise is great, the motivation it creates is awesome and I hope in time the app will work perfectly.


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