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My State on Sunday 4/52

Week 4, I know it’s late but yesterday I was too hungover to move.

 Weekly Rating: 4/10

Highlight: Belly laughs with friends.

Lowlight: Spending an hour and a half waiting for a train in the snow. It never came.

Felt: Frustrated and Blind. Once again the NHS and medical admin made me want to kill and I had an eye infection to boot.

Watched: After a snow day on Monday and then an eye infection, 3 days off meant I was able to watch Hanna and Gone, and become increasing obsessed with The Killing and Suits.

Read: nothing much, this week was very lazy and having a skanky eye didn’t help.

Visited: Doctor, Work, Physio and the Pub.

Want: A sleeping bag suit, they look so warm.


Need: Answers.

Miss: Waking up in the morning without a stiff…. knee. Rehab might be going well but it’s a real ball ache.

Learnt: A roll neck jumper does not have a collar*, WHO KNEW *according to a bouncer at an establishment with a strict dress code policy of shirt collars only.


My State on Sunday 3/52

Week 3 and it was time to go back to work.. 

Weekly Rating: 5/10

Felt: Knackered, returning to work has really taken it out of me. The commute has been ridiculously hard work, especially on Tuesday morning when the arseholes on my train decided I didn’t need a seat.

Watched: I have mainly been sleeping but I have watched some Grey’s Anatomy, Suits and squeezed in The Killing, the more I watch this, the greater my love for Sarah Lund’s Jumper is. No Films this week, there was far too much sport on; cricket, rugby and football and of course the ridiculous Lance Armstrong interviews. They were unbelievably overhyped and failed to add any information on the doping/cheating. Oprah failed to show any journalistic skills, which is unsurprising given she is a chat show host who pandered to a highly rehearsed Armstrong, who hit his lines and spotted his cues perfectly.

Read: Caught up on PR Week at work and then spent the weekend relaxing with GQ and the papers. Medical letters, ALL THE MEDICAL LETTERS, I have been sorting through all of my medical notes to try and put some order to my records

Visited: Work, Physio, Surgeon and my friends came to me.

Want: I want the snow to mean I get a day off, not that I will be slipping on ice with a recovering knee.

Need: More Sleep, going back to work has taken it out of me; my body is knackered after the commute. But hopefully if the snow allows I can get back to the gym this week.

Miss:Sunshine, for the past few days the sky has been covered in cloud day and night.

Learnt: Where to place my priorities and the Percy’s Pig Sty contains sweets in the shape of things that definitely wouldn’t be in a pig sty, like crowns and clocks.



My State on Sunday 2/52

Week 2 biatches. I have mainly been in bed.

Weekly Rating: 7/10

Felt: Pain, my knee is getting better but the more movement I get, the more pain when I rest it. Sleeping is still troublesome, which won’t help my return to work.

Watched: I have mainly been streaming films and watching episodes of The Killing (Danish version), Breaking Bad and The Phone Shop. The films have been Taking Chances and American Hot Babes (not what it sounds like) which are both truly awful films. In the average pile falls; Last Night, Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 1, Sket and 4,3,2,1. This weeks gold stars have gone to; Goon, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version) and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Read: Lots of the coverage from CES, I love a new gadget but the show lacked the oomph of the big boys.

Visited: Physio, Friends and the Internet

Want: I want to be somewhere warm. 30c plus. White beaches and coconuts, not the current white frost.

Need: A static racing bike, only a couple of weeks until I can start full rehab.

Miss: Work. Surprisingly I want to go back to work.

Learnt: What a HAPIfork is and how it will change the world (IT WON’T)

New Year, New Problem – Pachyder What

Unsurprisingly, most of my medical experiences don’t really run to plan and during routine checks ahead of my knee surgery there were some complications, of course there were.

My State on Sunday 1/52

Well here goes, my State on Sunday will sum up my week, starting with the first week of 2013.

Weekly Rating: 8/10

Felt: Pain, my knee is still very painful after my operation and is becoming a real pain, I cant sleep comfortably or be comfortable at all really.

Watched: Having joined LoveFilm and Netflix last week I have been glued to the TV from under my duvet. Bullet Boy, After Sex, 50/50, the whole of the Pan Am series, The Big Bang Theory, Africa another amazing BBC wildlife programme and Mr Selfridge. Pan Am and 50/50 are very good and thoroughly recommended.

Read: The Lost Symbol and catching up on my pocket list, mainly articles on work, I love catching up on thoughts across the industry.

Visited: Doctors, Physios, Hairdressers and Friends

Want: I have been concentrating on trying to make my leg better, it’s not working and is very frustrating.

Need: Constant pain relief, see above.

Miss: Santa and the full house that Christmas brings.

Learnt: My friends are acecakes.

I’m broken again

I am currently sitting in bed with an ice pack on my knee. I have been for the past two weeks and will be for the next as well. You see the operation I had on my foot, was not the only surgery I have had to undertake recently.

I managed to rupture my Anterior Cruciate Ligament playing football, like a real professional. One passionate tackle and I mangled my knee so much I need it to be reconstructed. So I went under the knife on just before Christmas and have been recovering ever since.

The operation went really well, but I now have approximately 9 months of rehab to complete before I can play competitive sport or think about going skiing, which definitely sucks. I am having weekly physio sessions to make sure I mend properly and it’s all very frustrating. So there will be no going to the gym for a while and no running any marathons next year.

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