I’m broken again

I am currently sitting in bed with an ice pack on my knee. I have been for the past two weeks and will be for the next as well. You see the operation I had on my foot, was not the only surgery I have had to undertake recently.

I managed to rupture my Anterior Cruciate Ligament playing football, like a real professional. One passionate tackle and I mangled my knee so much I need it to be reconstructed. So I went under the knife on just before Christmas and have been recovering ever since.

The operation went really well, but I now have approximately 9 months of rehab to complete before I can play competitive sport or think about going skiing, which definitely sucks. I am having weekly physio sessions to make sure I mend properly and it’s all very frustrating. So there will be no going to the gym for a while and no running any marathons next year.

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