My State on Sunday 4/52

Week 4, I know it’s late but yesterday I was too hungover to move.

 Weekly Rating: 4/10

Highlight: Belly laughs with friends.

Lowlight: Spending an hour and a half waiting for a train in the snow. It never came.

Felt: Frustrated and Blind. Once again the NHS and medical admin made me want to kill and I had an eye infection to boot.

Watched: After a snow day on Monday and then an eye infection, 3 days off meant I was able to watch Hanna and Gone, and become increasing obsessed with The Killing and Suits.

Read: nothing much, this week was very lazy and having a skanky eye didn’t help.

Visited: Doctor, Work, Physio and the Pub.

Want: A sleeping bag suit, they look so warm.


Need: Answers.

Miss: Waking up in the morning without a stiff…. knee. Rehab might be going well but it’s a real ball ache.

Learnt: A roll neck jumper does not have a collar*, WHO KNEW *according to a bouncer at an establishment with a strict dress code policy of shirt collars only.


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