My State on Sunday 7/52

A very late Week 7

Weekly Rating: 9/10

Highlight: It was my birthday, so obviously shapes were thrown and champagne was spilt.

Lowlight: One hell of a hangover on my Birthday.

Felt: Loved – It is always important to realise how wicked your friends are.

Watched: Not much really

Read: Finished The Lost Symbol this week, a good book but won’t get a second read. Now it’s time for The Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox, which is excellent so far. Thoroughly recommend it.

Heard: The new Biffy Clyro album and the new Eels album = meh, not bowled over

Visited: Work, pubs, restaurants and bars.

Want: To spend the week in bed, under a duvet.

Need: Work out what I am going to do with this site, damn you Posterous for closing.

Miss: Having a good night’s sleep, on the whole I am pain free, except over night, which sucks big time. On reflection I would advise people to try to not rupture their ACL.

Learnt: I can dance on a gammy leg; always good to know in case someone chops it off.

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