My State on Sunday 11/52

Weekly Rating: 8/10

Highlight: Going out 3 nights in a row like I am some sort of student

Lowlight: feeling like death after going out 3 nights in a row like I am some sort of student

Felt: like death at the start of the week and unstoppable by the end, well apart from Sunday when I felt like death again

Watched: The Girl who played with Fire, a good film but not as good as the first in the series, Dragon Tattoo. I also caught up on The Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy.

Read: The Fear Index, still not making much of a dent in this.

Visited: Work, L’Escargot, a friend’s place in Crouch End, which is in the middle of nowhere, Pubs and a House party in Aldgate East, very random.

Want: to sleep forever, getting home in the early hours has taken its toll.

Need: A new liver, after this weekend I think my current one can be written off for scrap

Miss: Sunshine, has anyone seen a big baking orange circle that use to live in the sky, I would like it to return at work its wonders.

Learnt: Traipsing across London is probably my biggest pet hate, especially when I am hungover and it’s raining.

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