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My whole gene is going to be sequenced – well, maybe – Pachyder What

I know this is really late, but at the end of October I finally had my appointment with the geneticist that will actually investigate the juicy details of my condition.


I can see answers, well maybe

After years of anguish and pure incompetence there is finally some answers in sight, well maybe.

I seem to have broken myself

Well it all started a couple of months back. I suddenly had a weird lump on my foot; it was fairly awkward and slightly painful. After showing my rheumatologist in an unrelated appointment he scheduled an ultra sound, but there was a six week wait.

I am normally pretty good, but this was making it impossible for me to wear shoes and was pretty uncomfortable. The most important part was the fact I had to wear trainers with a suit! As one can imagine this couldn’t continue so I trotted off to see a private doctor and get it sorted.

My appointment was very simple and I had x-rays and MRIs that day to find out what it was. It’s not cartilage or bone, which was nice. It’s a ganglion, which is all pretty casual, apart from the fact mine in on a tendon and therefore will have to be cut out, which means another session on the opiates.

I have had to wait a month between the diagnosis and the surgery and this has resulted in me falling apart. To quickly sum up, my tendon is strained and hurts when I walk. Through limping I have mangled my ankle, which has made me limp more and as a result I know have manage to strain something in my knee, on the other leg.

YEP, high fives all around for super walking skills. I’m going to put it on my CV.

I go under the knife on the Thursday (23rd) and hopefully it will sort me out, if not I am likely to be found in a heap of mangled parts waiting for a full M.O.T. Take this post as a pre-warning that I will be fairly active on here, due to massive boredom.

What a Shit Week

Well this week has been testing to say the least. The administrative staff at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital have surpassed any previously high level of incompetence to reach the summit of Mount Totally Fucking Shit.

A swift kick up the arse seems to work – Pachyder What

*Appointment Alert, Appointment Alert*

Bad Friend – Pachyder What

Welcome to the inside of my head

Operations, more operations – Pachyder What

ANOTHER!!!! post about my surgeries

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