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Seth MacFarlane’s Opening Monologue


The UK press have gone mental over a song about boobs, suggesting sexism. But if you watch the actual footage, rather than the UK press’s clipped version, it is clear everyone is in on the joke and laughing along. MacFarlane nailed it, unsurprisingly, bringing the cleaner side of Family Guy to the biggest awards night around. Bravo and Encore

Move Like Chandler

Ahhh the memories

DMX – X Gonna Give it to Ya

Sometimes you just need to get OG

Don’t Stop Me Now by Team GB

Team GB have been letting off some steam

Goal Celebrations FX by Surrender Monkey

This is brilliant. (via

I got to keep on movin’

You Know it makes sense

The Ms Brown M & M’s Ad – My Favourite Super Bowl Advert 2012

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