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Oi Internet, hang your head in shame

Now the Olympics is over we can get back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the important world changing events. So what is the big news on the first day after the Olympics? Global economies teetering on the edge of implosion? The US vice presidential candidate who thinks birth control should be criminalised? The continued atrocities in the Middle East? Well what is trending on twitter?????

Miley Cyrus has had a haircut, and that news has been the number one trending subject for the vast majority of the day.

Right world; take a look in the mirror, that’s right you should be embarrassed.

What were you saying only last week about how nice it was to have real heroes in the papers and not superficial “celebrities” who have no talent or debateable talent.

Now, I’ll let you off today, maybe it was the withdrawal, but it’s time to clean up your act. In a few weeks we will have the Paralympics to concentrate on and show off some more true heroes but until then let’s not have any more crap about haircuts, the Kardashians, Katie Price, Kirsten Stewart, Justin Bieber or which ‘star’ of Big Brother is currently showing her tits while eating a ice lolly.

Oi Daily Fail, I hold your sidebar of shame accountable for this. With no live feed from the Olympics to encourage procrastination, people have clearly flocked back to the drivel you post.


The XXXth Olympiad goes to London

The Olympics are drawing to a close, and it has been MAGIC. Team GB has managed to win 65 medals, their best result since 1908 when Great Britain won 146 medals, and well, that isn’t going to happen again.

I manage to get tickets and had such an epic 3 days at events.

London basked in the glory of 5 coloured rings, albeit with the odd shower here and there.  We are now on the final day of the 30th Olympiad and it has brought out the best aspects of the beautiful city I live in.  I was lucky enough to attend 3 events over the middle weekend, with the first being in the Olympic park. The Stratford site is awe inspiring and the atmosphere is incredible.


Day 1

Hockey – India Vs Germany and TeamGB Vs Pakistan

The first event was the only ticket I had for the Olympic park, so we arrived early to try and take in as much as possible. We headed off at 10am and were on site within the hour. Nightmare journeys my arse.



Day 2

Football – Mexico Vs Senegal

The atmosphere outside the ground was great, with Mariachi bands and Luchador masks. The first half was pitiful, but the game got going in the second half and extra time was end to end. Mexico won this game and went on to glinch the gold medal.



Day 3

Beach Volleyball – Austria Vs China and Italy Vs Team USA

The holy grail of Olympic tickets; a full women’s session at Horse Guards Parade. Beach Volleyball seems to be more about the beer and less about the sport. Don’t get me wrong I love the sport and have had immense fun playing whenever possible but at this Olympics, in London, it was more party than sport.


 Roll on the Paralympics, I haven’t got any tickets yet, but you can only hope…….

Oh and Ps. If you are one of those boring Londoners who fled the city during the Games, you are more than welcome to return now but we did pretty well without you so feel free to stay away.



New York, New York

It’s a bit late but remember last month, yeah.

What did you do?

I went to New York. Sorry for the late post, I have no excuse, just an apology.

My main reason for voyaging across the Atlantic (Okay, I flew) was to visit a pretty cool lady who was living in Brooklyn. But I never need much of an excuse to visit America, especially New York.

There was lots of eating and catching up, a bit of drinking and some more eating, sprinkled with some sightseeing, eating, shopping, eating, lots of walking, oh and a bit more eating.






Quarter One Resolution Review

Well it first quarter of 2012 has ended and I think it’s time I have a look back at my resolutions had see where I have failed or where I have been amazing.

My first resolution was this blog and I think I am doing quite well, it feels very natural writing stuff down.

Coding – Well I have only just caught up with code academy, doing 3 months of work in a day is not the point of them sending out a lesson a week but I am now up to date, so I hope by the end of the year I will be running Google.

Being financially responsible – NEXT

Ah the healthy bits – I am using the gym more and running more but not enough, I am never going to do run the marathon or cycle the Tour de France at this rate. While the smoking has continued I did stop for like a whole two weeks so I proved I can and I think that is enough for now.

3/5 Doing well at the aspects he enjoys and not even trying with the resolutions he doesn’t like.

If this was a school report I imagine it would say that, I think all my school reports said that.


FYI the next quarter is looking like it could be awesome! So is the rest of the year!!!

The Ms Brown M & M’s Ad – My Favourite Super Bowl Advert 2012

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