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My State on Sunday 3/52

Week 3 and it was time to go back to work.. 

Weekly Rating: 5/10

Felt: Knackered, returning to work has really taken it out of me. The commute has been ridiculously hard work, especially on Tuesday morning when the arseholes on my train decided I didn’t need a seat.

Watched: I have mainly been sleeping but I have watched some Grey’s Anatomy, Suits and squeezed in The Killing, the more I watch this, the greater my love for Sarah Lund’s Jumper is. No Films this week, there was far too much sport on; cricket, rugby and football and of course the ridiculous Lance Armstrong interviews. They were unbelievably overhyped and failed to add any information on the doping/cheating. Oprah failed to show any journalistic skills, which is unsurprising given she is a chat show host who pandered to a highly rehearsed Armstrong, who hit his lines and spotted his cues perfectly.

Read: Caught up on PR Week at work and then spent the weekend relaxing with GQ and the papers. Medical letters, ALL THE MEDICAL LETTERS, I have been sorting through all of my medical notes to try and put some order to my records

Visited: Work, Physio, Surgeon and my friends came to me.

Want: I want the snow to mean I get a day off, not that I will be slipping on ice with a recovering knee.

Need: More Sleep, going back to work has taken it out of me; my body is knackered after the commute. But hopefully if the snow allows I can get back to the gym this week.

Miss:Sunshine, for the past few days the sky has been covered in cloud day and night.

Learnt: Where to place my priorities and the Percy’s Pig Sty contains sweets in the shape of things that definitely wouldn’t be in a pig sty, like crowns and clocks.




A Game in the Gutter

The tagline “a beautiful game” has finally become obsolete. During the past year there has been multiple cases where the on-field language used by those involved in the game has resulted in the game being brought into disrepute.

When was the last time the game wasn’t in disrepute?

The latest in the long line of accusations is that a match official used racially derogatory language towards a footballer. This seemingly can be sorted very quickly, the referee is miced up and three other officials have a live in-ear feed of what he is saying. It is a case of interviewing the other officials and finding the truth.

However, this is undoubtedly, again, going to fall into another us vs. them case. The fact that the microphone feeds of all four officials is not recording is beyond belief. It would allow for much greater accountability to the Referees’ organisation (PGMO) when reviewing matches, and would be able to used as evidence against players who are reprimanded for foul or abusive language, and in this case as evidence of the official’s language.

In rugby union the referee’s mic is broadcasted at the ground, and on television. This has not only reduced the amount of foul language from players but resulted in a greater understanding of the refereeing process. Why this step has not been taken by football is a question many have asked. But association football is a sport which, after a fourth official used a pitchside television to see an incident missed by the referee and then relayed the details to referee, removed the television instead of making this common place. The game? The World Cup Final. The foul? Zidane’s head butt.

Technology will never be embraced by the powers in football. They believe it creates disparity between the professional game and the accessible kick about in the park. The difference lies in the millions of pounds that are associated with one and not the other, not technology. Gone are the days of football being an accessible world for its fans, adding technology will make no difference.

I have two possible remedies. Firstly, I suggest the FA follow the example of rugby union and broadcast, or at least record the officials’ mic transmissions. If FIFA, suggest this is not within the rules, ignore them. Realistically they will never bring sanctions against the Premier League and its global viewing, and if the sanctions are against the national team, it would only remove the chances of another underwhelming performance at an international tournament. Failing that, my second suggestion is to cellotape everyone’s mouth shut.


Goal Celebrations FX by Surrender Monkey

This is brilliant. (via footballramble.com)

My England Squad


This is how the England squad should look, in my not so humble opinion

Goalkeepers: Joe Hart (Man City), Rob Green (West Ham), John Ruddy (Norwich)

Defenders: Glen Johnson (Liverpool), Micah Richards (Man City), Phil Jones (Man United), Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd), Joleon Lescott (Man City), Gary Cahill (Chelsea), Ashley Cole (Chelsea), Leighton Baines (Everton)

Midfielders: Theo Walcott (Arsenal), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool), Michael Carrick (Man Utd), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), Scott Parker (Tottenham), Ashley Young (Man United), James Milner (Man City)

Forwards: Wayne Rooney (Man United), Danny Welbeck (Man United), Peter Crouch (Stoke City), Grant Holt (Norwich City)

Standby players: Scott Carson (Bursaspor), Phil Jagielka (Everton), Gareth Barry (Man City), Joe Cole (Lille), Jermain Defoe (Tottenham)

John Terry has been charged with using racist language, and until the conclusion of that trail should not be picked for England. The court case was only moved by the request of Chelsea FC, which he would have sanctioned at some level.

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