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My State on Sunday 40/52

Weekly Rating: 5/10

Highlight: Bellying laughing

Lowlight: Boredom

Felt: Frustrated

Watched: Homeland, Girls, Whitechapel, Grand Designs, Peaky Blinders, Educating Yorkshire, Sunday Supplement, Match of the Day, Super Sunday, By Any Means, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, New Girl, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Champions League, Doc Martin, The Big Fat Quiz of the 90s, Nevermind the Buzzcocks, The Wrong Mans, London Irish, Orange is the New Black, Was It Something I Said, The Rugby Championship

Heard: Tales of Us by Goldfrapp, Studio Zoo by Newton Faulkner, Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard, Paradise Valley by John Mayer, Sequel to the Prequel by Babyshambles, Big TV by White Lies, The Ghost of Mountains by Tired Pony, Evolution Theory by Modestep, The Game Podcast, Football Weekly, The Football Ramble, Richard Herring’s Warming Up

Read: GQ, Inferno by Dan Brown

Visited: Friends, The Hide, Chiropodist, Fish Hairdressers

Want: The Nike Flash Pack

Need: The Nike Flash Pack

Miss: Mayhem

Learnt: Being bored can make you tired


My State on Sunday 3/52

Week 3 and it was time to go back to work.. 

Weekly Rating: 5/10

Felt: Knackered, returning to work has really taken it out of me. The commute has been ridiculously hard work, especially on Tuesday morning when the arseholes on my train decided I didn’t need a seat.

Watched: I have mainly been sleeping but I have watched some Grey’s Anatomy, Suits and squeezed in The Killing, the more I watch this, the greater my love for Sarah Lund’s Jumper is. No Films this week, there was far too much sport on; cricket, rugby and football and of course the ridiculous Lance Armstrong interviews. They were unbelievably overhyped and failed to add any information on the doping/cheating. Oprah failed to show any journalistic skills, which is unsurprising given she is a chat show host who pandered to a highly rehearsed Armstrong, who hit his lines and spotted his cues perfectly.

Read: Caught up on PR Week at work and then spent the weekend relaxing with GQ and the papers. Medical letters, ALL THE MEDICAL LETTERS, I have been sorting through all of my medical notes to try and put some order to my records

Visited: Work, Physio, Surgeon and my friends came to me.

Want: I want the snow to mean I get a day off, not that I will be slipping on ice with a recovering knee.

Need: More Sleep, going back to work has taken it out of me; my body is knackered after the commute. But hopefully if the snow allows I can get back to the gym this week.

Miss:Sunshine, for the past few days the sky has been covered in cloud day and night.

Learnt: Where to place my priorities and the Percy’s Pig Sty contains sweets in the shape of things that definitely wouldn’t be in a pig sty, like crowns and clocks.



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