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Monthly Musings – January 2014

This is a bit late but I am going to carry on putting things down regularly but this time month as I can’t be arsed to do it every week. Now this is a bit late but I think I can remember the main bits.

January, January you last so long but does anything really happen?

Well, it was a pretty cool month really. There were many drunken nights out, lots of laughing and endless fun. After the past 12 months we needed to kick off 2014 with a bang, new friends and new towns.

There was also massive news on the medical front, ok that is a lie but I did get a report that was started 14 months ago and promised 6 months ago. The conclusion, they need more data; of course they do. Step forward mum and dad it’s time to give me your blood. What we do know is it that I am a double mutant, well one of my genes has a double mutation, and it’s not all bad news as for completely different reasons another doctor is already trialling gene therapy on the silly gene that has gone mutant in me.

So lets hope February continues the 2014 trend of being awesome. It has Valentine’s Day, a trip to the watch Harlequins and my Birthday so I imagine it will.

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