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My State on Sunday 19/52

Weekly Rating: 6/10

Highlight: All of the Sir Alex Ferguson nostalgia

Lowlight: Losing a father figure.

Felt: hungover

Watched: Veep, New Girl, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy.

Heard: Bad Blood by Bastille, To be Loved by Michael Bublé.

Read: Who Cares Wins.

Visited: Work, pubs, and friends.

Want: this week to go off without any glitches.

Need: to tick off a to do list as long as my arm.

Miss: feeling warm, I am constantly shivering at the moment, but a couple of weeks under a duvet will help

Learnt: The best things always come to an end.


My State on Sunday 8/52

Weekly Rating: 8/10

Highlight: Brocking out in the early hours.

Lowlight: Reading FSA proposals and responses, SNORE

Felt: Motivated, you have to be in it to win it, and winning is the only thing that matters!

Watched: ALL THE AMERICAN TV and The Fried Chicken Shop which is comedy gold.  

Read: The Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox, a great great book.

Visited: Hospital, work, pubs, restaurants and bars.

Want: to go a day without feeling like a body part is so cold it will fall off

Need: to have a good week, this one could be big!

Miss: Being able to have a night out and not suffer from a two day hangover.

Learnt: How to use the washing machine without blowing up or flooding the house.


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