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My State so Far

So at 3 pm yesterday, the 1st of July, the half-year bell rang.

Rating: 4/10

Highlight: Yeah this is a tough one, a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. My friends always make me smile and help take my mind off things, so I’ll go for anytime spent with friends. Mushy I know but everything else has been pretty rubbish.

Lowlight: All of the medical stuff. After a few chilled out years, everything has gone mad again. Having to recover from two surgeries in 6 months isn’t easy and the impact that they have had on my life has been pretty brutal. The first was completely my own fault but unintentional. The second was sprung on me with only 3 weeks warning, after two and a half years with no contact.

Felt: Pretty bloody depressed to be honest.

Want: A new start, today is going to be my New Year part deux, much like Hot Shots! It will be brilliant. The summer will arrive, at last, and everything will work itself out, for better or worse.

Need: The next 6 months to give some answers, or at least some clues or a crumb of information. I have never had any patience and I have spent the last 6 months waiting for too many things to happen.

Miss: Getting on with life. Before the start of this year I was fine, pain free and pretty health, or so I thought. Now I am always in pain and have discovered some pretty major health problems.

Learnt: That optimism isn’t always a good trait to hold. When you instinctively hope for the best and imagine the consequences of the best outcome, getting knocked back can take its toll. But hey I will continue to buy a lottery ticket; someone has to win.


My State on Sunday 20/52

Weekly Rating: 7/10

Highlight: Getting signed off work for 3 weeks

Lowlight: having a terrible night’s sleep after my operation. Snoring can be outrageously loud on a hospital ward

Felt: Swollen, it’s not as bad as it has been after previous operations but I still look like Hey Arnold

Watched: Veep, New Girl, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy and Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two, who this film is bad, that is weirdest looking kid I have ever seen. Oh and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, WOW is the only word to describe it.

Heard: Lots and lots of podcasts

Read: Who Cares Wins by David Jones and How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

Visited: Work, Pub, Doctors, Hospital.

Want: to make some decisions on which TV series I want to watch while I recover, there is so much choice. I’m thinking The Wire, Mad Men, The Pacific and The Kennedys

Need: to relax and recover, it is time to watch films and TV series, read books and eat soft food.

Miss: having to get on my train every morning and stand for between twenty-eight minutes and two hours travelling to work. NHAWTT

Learnt: My legs are too long for hospital beds and Caitlin Moran’s chapter on starting her period was pretty disgusting and slightly insightful

My State on Sunday 17/52

Weekly Rating: 0/10 – Saturday was a 9 but the rest of the week sucked

Highlight: seeing friends and laughing hard.

Lowlight: Being told you are have surgery by email

Felt: depressed

Watched: Broadchurch, Scott & Bailey, Modern Family, Veep, the Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy

Heard: The Ascent by Wiley, Mosquito by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Overgrown by James Blake, #WillPower by Will.i.am

Read: Who Cares Wins

Visited: Work, pub, the gym and friends

Want: to never have a week that has been this bad again

Need: to pull socks up, brush myself down and go again

Miss: being healthy, I think I was about 13 the last time

Learnt: My friends are awesome and can help me through anything

I’m broken again

I am currently sitting in bed with an ice pack on my knee. I have been for the past two weeks and will be for the next as well. You see the operation I had on my foot, was not the only surgery I have had to undertake recently.

I managed to rupture my Anterior Cruciate Ligament playing football, like a real professional. One passionate tackle and I mangled my knee so much I need it to be reconstructed. So I went under the knife on just before Christmas and have been recovering ever since.

The operation went really well, but I now have approximately 9 months of rehab to complete before I can play competitive sport or think about going skiing, which definitely sucks. I am having weekly physio sessions to make sure I mend properly and it’s all very frustrating. So there will be no going to the gym for a while and no running any marathons next year.

I seem to have broken myself

Well it all started a couple of months back. I suddenly had a weird lump on my foot; it was fairly awkward and slightly painful. After showing my rheumatologist in an unrelated appointment he scheduled an ultra sound, but there was a six week wait.

I am normally pretty good, but this was making it impossible for me to wear shoes and was pretty uncomfortable. The most important part was the fact I had to wear trainers with a suit! As one can imagine this couldn’t continue so I trotted off to see a private doctor and get it sorted.

My appointment was very simple and I had x-rays and MRIs that day to find out what it was. It’s not cartilage or bone, which was nice. It’s a ganglion, which is all pretty casual, apart from the fact mine in on a tendon and therefore will have to be cut out, which means another session on the opiates.

I have had to wait a month between the diagnosis and the surgery and this has resulted in me falling apart. To quickly sum up, my tendon is strained and hurts when I walk. Through limping I have mangled my ankle, which has made me limp more and as a result I know have manage to strain something in my knee, on the other leg.

YEP, high fives all around for super walking skills. I’m going to put it on my CV.

I go under the knife on the Thursday (23rd) and hopefully it will sort me out, if not I am likely to be found in a heap of mangled parts waiting for a full M.O.T. Take this post as a pre-warning that I will be fairly active on here, due to massive boredom.

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