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My State on Sunday 20/52

Weekly Rating: 7/10

Highlight: Getting signed off work for 3 weeks

Lowlight: having a terrible night’s sleep after my operation. Snoring can be outrageously loud on a hospital ward

Felt: Swollen, it’s not as bad as it has been after previous operations but I still look like Hey Arnold

Watched: Veep, New Girl, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy and Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two, who this film is bad, that is weirdest looking kid I have ever seen. Oh and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, WOW is the only word to describe it.

Heard: Lots and lots of podcasts

Read: Who Cares Wins by David Jones and How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

Visited: Work, Pub, Doctors, Hospital.

Want: to make some decisions on which TV series I want to watch while I recover, there is so much choice. I’m thinking The Wire, Mad Men, The Pacific and The Kennedys

Need: to relax and recover, it is time to watch films and TV series, read books and eat soft food.

Miss: having to get on my train every morning and stand for between twenty-eight minutes and two hours travelling to work. NHAWTT

Learnt: My legs are too long for hospital beds and Caitlin Moran’s chapter on starting her period was pretty disgusting and slightly insightful


My State on Sunday 19/52

Weekly Rating: 6/10

Highlight: All of the Sir Alex Ferguson nostalgia

Lowlight: Losing a father figure.

Felt: hungover

Watched: Veep, New Girl, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy.

Heard: Bad Blood by Bastille, To be Loved by Michael Bublé.

Read: Who Cares Wins.

Visited: Work, pubs, and friends.

Want: this week to go off without any glitches.

Need: to tick off a to do list as long as my arm.

Miss: feeling warm, I am constantly shivering at the moment, but a couple of weeks under a duvet will help

Learnt: The best things always come to an end.

My State on Sunday 18/52

Weekly Rating: 7/10

Highlight: spending the weekend relaxing with friends

Lowlight: delaying decisions

Felt: exhausted

Watched: Veep, New Girl, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy.

Heard: Indicud by Kid Cudi, Paramore by Paramore, Dear Miss Lonelyheart by Cold War Kids, Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy.

Read: Who Cares Wins; it is starting to feel very like a textbook.

Visited: Work, hospital, pubs, the gym, and friends.

Want: to have a pet penguin, this is not unique to the past week I have pretty much felt like this forever. If Ross can have a monkey, I want a penguin.

Need: to find all the TV series and films I am going to watch while I am laid up in bed recovering.

Miss: being able to remember the whole of a night out

Learnt: you can’t make the world spin faster.

My State on Sunday 17/52

Weekly Rating: 0/10 – Saturday was a 9 but the rest of the week sucked

Highlight: seeing friends and laughing hard.

Lowlight: Being told you are have surgery by email

Felt: depressed

Watched: Broadchurch, Scott & Bailey, Modern Family, Veep, the Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy

Heard: The Ascent by Wiley, Mosquito by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Overgrown by James Blake, #WillPower by Will.i.am

Read: Who Cares Wins

Visited: Work, pub, the gym and friends

Want: to never have a week that has been this bad again

Need: to pull socks up, brush myself down and go again

Miss: being healthy, I think I was about 13 the last time

Learnt: My friends are awesome and can help me through anything

My State on Sunday 16/52

Weekly Rating: 5/10

Highlight: being told by the Physio that I am at least a month ahead of schedule, probably two.

Lowlight: So much but nothing significant enough to stick out.

Felt: Moody.

Watched: Broadchurch, Scott & Bailey, Cougar Town, Modern Family and Veep. I’m so happy Veep is back, but the first episode was a bit weak.

Heard: Jake Bugg by Jake Bugg and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Read: Who Cares Wins

Visited: Work, pub, restaurant, the gym, physio, the road and friends.

Want: My knee to breakdown the swelling, my ligament repair is strong but I still have lots of swelling.

Need: to get aggressive with my workouts, the battle with the swelling is ON

Miss: Watching films in the evening. Time to get on the bike and sit in front of a film

Learnt: How to port a whole website to a new host and switch DNS settings. Thanks for that Posterous

My State on Sunday 15/52

Better late than never

Weekly Rating: 7/10

Highlight: being able to feel optimistic

Lowlight: getting carried away by my optimism

Felt: tired.

Watched: Not much really.

Heard: Delta Machine by Depeche Mode, Graffiti on the Train by Stereophonics, God Will’n by Juelz Santana, Comedown Machine by The Strokes, Sing to the Moon by Laura Mvula, Native by OneRepublic and Every Weekend by Hadouken! Basically lots of music, some good, some bad and some embarrassing to admit.

Read: The Fear Index, is finished and it is a very good book, the second half really carries you away with it, and Who Cares Wins

Visited: Work, pubs, the gym, friends and family.

Want: to find the new world.

Need: to find some energy.

Miss: when I could go out on a night out and remember the whole of it.

Learnt: I don’t like society much, to disrespect someone’s death and a family’s grieving is a pretty horrible thing to do, no matter your thoughts about their actions while alive.

My State on Sunday 14/52

Weekly Rating: 6/10

Highlight: having an absolute stormer at work, reminding me why I love the buzz of my job

Lowlight: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Felt: On fire.

Watched:. Rock of Ages, what a ridiculous film. I also caught Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory and Cougar Town, American trash TV is the best kind.

Heard: If You Leave by Daughter, a resounding MEH out of 10, its fine, good for background music while reading the papers.

Read: The Fear Index and Who Cares Wins

Visited: Work and Pubs.

Want: to have another four day week, but I guess I’ll have to make do with 4 and a half.

Need: to be more patient.

Miss: a time when a standoff between two nuclear states would lead in the news

Learnt: to never expect things to run to your own timetable.


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